UN accused of lies, manipulation in effort to legalize abortion in El Salvador

By | July 4, 2021

Portillo was sentenced to 35 years in prison on November 1, 2007, but recently was given early parole.
VIDA SV emphasized on its website that “early parole doesn’t mean that Marina de los Ángeles Portillo has been proven innocent or that she was acquitted of the charges, but that she remains guilty of the crime for which she was convicted. However, she got the benefit of early parole which all inmates can get, as long as they meet the requirements of the law.”
Larín told ACI Prensa that “we at Fundación VIDA SV Foundation have Marina Portillo’s complete file available on our website and the conviction states that the forensic exam determined that the baby had lesions (signs of strangulation) when she was already alive outside the womb.”
“We have also published the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice denying the request for pardon made by the pro-abortion lobby in 2015 in which the court responded to each one of the reasons presented by the feminists, clearly stating there is no relationship between this case of strangulation and an obstetric complication,” she added.

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However, for Larín “what is truly intolerable is the complicity of United Nations officials in weakening the rule of law in El Salvador, pressuring the country to let incredibly cruel crimes against defenseless babies go unpunished.”
“The UN is one step away from openly calling for the legalization of newborn infanticide,” she charged.
Similarly, the Center for Reproductive rights based in New York has been falsifying the facts in the so-called Manuela case in an effort to get abortion legalized in the country. 
Julia Regina de Cardenal, president of the Yes to Life Foundation of El Salvador, told ACI Prensa in April that in that case the mother claimed a miscarriage but the baby was found thrown in a latrine “asphyxiated from inhaling feces and bled out from the violent way her umbilical cord was yanked from the base.”
The mother was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2008 but died about two years later from cancer.
“The Manuela case,” De Cardenal continued, “as well as other cases that are being called miscariages or obstetric problems” in a campaign the abortion lobby has called ‘The Seventeen’ (17 women supposedly imprisoned for miscarriages) “has nothing to do with abortion.”
“The medical and forensic evidence” in the cases used by abortion advocates in El Salvador, “shows full-term babies strangled, stabbed, stoned, thrown in septic tanks, etc.,” the pro-life leader stressed.
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The Manuela case, which Larín has called “full of lies,” is before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights awaiting a decision.