Bishop: Eucharistic coherence is about helping people grow in communion with Christ

By | July 16, 2021

This instruction “is especially important for bishops,” reflected Bishop Konderla. 
He taught that abortion “is an intrinsic evil, which is to say there is never a circumstance that could justify it. The laws that protect it are unjust and, therefore, no law at all. Roe was wrongly decided and must be corrected. It offends God and the principles of our founding, just as Dred Scott and its defense of slavery once did. We corrected that error, and now we must correct this one.”
The bishop explained that “a political leader is a public person. So, if a political leader who professes to be Catholic supports abortion, they become publicly complicit in a grave evil. If they become conscious of this sin, they should repent and not approach to receive Christ in Holy Communion until they reconciled with Him through the Church. But if they refuse to repent, their bishop should warn them that their support for abortion conflicts with the faith and places their soul in jeopardy. If they obstinately persist in their support for abortion, then they should they [sic] be denied Holy Communion as clearly taught in Canon Law and the Catechism.”
He emphasized that public persons “face great pressures and need our prayers. Just as the scriptures condemn the murder of the innocent in abortion, they also condemn hating or judging our brother or sister.”

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“Christians are a people of hope, and we believe repentance is possible for all … Every day, mothers and fathers who have aborted children find healing through repentance, sacramental confession, and processing grief for the children they lost. And the same redemption is possible for those who support abortion now.”
“We are called to pray for our leaders who support abortion and do penance and fast for them so they might follow the way of Jesus Christ,” Bishop Konderla concluded. 
“Let us pray and fast and do penance for those who remain blinded to the evil of abortion, so they too can discover the beauty of life, the love of Jesus Christ and find a new way to lead society. Let us hope they might recognize that abortion is not necessary for the flourishing of a society. If we are truly concerned about this issue, let us demonstrate it in our love and care through prayer, fasting and penance for an end to abortion and the joyful conversion of all who currently support it in public life.”