The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Content Strategy

Facebook‘s algorithm changes from time to time, making it difficult for your content to reach the target audience. Therefore, you have to be vigilant to ensure your content gets to the target audience in time.

To achieve this, you must look for ways and strategies that will drive impact. Audit your Facebook presence from time to time to make sure you are visible when Facebook changes its algorithm. 

Creating appealing and engaging content may not be easy. So, after all that hassle, it could be disappointing to find out that your content does not reach your target audience. So, what can you make sure your content gets to the right destination?

Tips for successfully creating a winning Facebook content strategy

  1. Set your goals

Without goals, you will not know what you are aiming to achieve. More so, you will not have focus because there will be nothing driving you. With goals, you will be able to measure your success or achievements and work harder to achieve the rest.

For this reason, come up with a list of the goals you plan to achieve. These include your company goals as well as social media goals. Use the SMART guidelines to set your social media and company goals as it is more effective and achievable. 

The SMART guideline includes:

  • Specific- what exactly do you want to do?
  • Measurable- how big is the project.
  • Achievable- how do you accomplish it?
  • Relevant – is this the right time to do this?
  • Time-sensitive- when do you want to finish the project?

Once you outline your SMART guideline, you will have a clear goal to guide you through your project.

  1. Determine your audience

Approximately 2 billion people actively use Facebook, while 1 billion people use it daily. This means that almost every person has a Facebook account. With all these people, you must find a way to connect directly with users that may need your products or services.

Since you cannot go through the 2billion profiles to determine who you should connect with, use the Facebook Business Manager Feature to guide you. This feature gives you a deeper look at your target audience and their activities on Facebook. You can then get information on people connected to you, check both their audience and page insights then create your custom audience.

  1. Resources

Resources are usually limited, and you have to find how you can use them wisely to get the best out of them. Consistency is crucial in Facebook because it helps you stay up to date and look for better ways to improve your content.

The main resources you should think about include people, time, and the tools you will use for your content creation. Determine whether you will handle the social network alone or with a team and how much time you will spend online.

You should also think about the marketing tools you will use to create your content and how you will access them. With this in mind, you will be able to utilize your resources fully for optimal results.

  1. Branding

The next thing is to outline your branding to ensure your target audience understands exactly who you are. No matter how much you market your brand, your company may fail to get to the top if you do not humanize it appropriately.

Think about the tone and voice you will use to get to your audience. Also, think about the message you want to cut across, and what you want your target audience to think about your brand. The design elements you use should also communicate clearly. For instance, ensure you create and adjust your logo until it feels right. With a clear and communicative logo, you can easily attract potential clients to visit your website.

  1. Create appealing content

When creating your content, think about all the elements you should include to attract your audience. The best content should be educative and solve specific problems. It should also be sharable to other Facebook users without a hurdle. 

You can create content through visuals, videos, or in writing. The method you select will depend on your niche.

  1. Come up with a schedule

Now that you know your goals, audience, and content, it is time to create a workable schedule on how to deliver. Decide how often you should put your content online, whether weekly or bi-weekly. However, it is wise to give your post sometime before you add another one for optimal engagement.

When it comes to Facebook content strategy, one size does not fit all. This is because every strategy varies from business to business. If you know your goals, resources, and audience, you will create meaningful and appealing content. Also, ensure you are consistent to keep in touch with your audience effectively.