Pro-life supporters rally for Texas law outside Supreme Court

By | November 2, 2021

Supporters of the bill were dressed mostly in red, and there were numerous red heart-shaped mylar balloons tied to a barricade near the steps of the court. Proponents of the bill told CNA that the color choice was meant to stir images of hearts and heartbeats.
“We’re here to support the Texas Heartbeat Bill today,” said Lauren Marlowe, from Students for Life Action. 
“I think [the bill] protects lives. It saves 120 to 150 lives every day, and I’m in support [of] anything that’s going to save human lives,” she said. Marlowe laid blame at the mainstream media for stoking division between those who were in favor of the bill and those who were opposed.
“We don’t have hate for them,” she said. “We’re just here to help them and to give love to them, when they’re ready.” 

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Nov. 1 also marks the start of National Adoption Month, which Herbie Newell, executive director of Lifeline Children’s Services, told CNA was what actually initially brought him to Washington Monday. 
Lifeline Children’s Services assists families with international adoptions and also provides resources to assist women in the United States who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 
Newell told CNA that he was “just so grateful for that bill, and for life-affirming legislation in Texas,” which he hoped the Supreme Court would uphold. 
For Newell, “pro-life is pro-human flourishing and is pro-woman; it’s not against women, it’s not against women’s healthcare.” 
“Women’s healthcare is not abortion. It’s so many things besides abortion. It’s the lie, honestly, that’s been given to women,” he said. 

Christine Rousselle is a DC Correspondent for Catholic News Agency. Prior to working at CNA, she was the managing web editor of; she has a BA in political science from Providence College.