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As Publisher Travel Ad Spend Beats 2019 Levels, New Trends Emerge

As travelers begin planning their long-overdue vacations, brands and publishers are responding with custom advertising campaigns that reflect the new motivations of travelers, such as regenerative travel, undiscovered backyard gems and accessible international travel. Travel-advertising spend began to rebound in earnest this summer–after repeated uncertainty–for industry-adjacent publishers and many are now seeing their related revenues…

BigCommerce, TikTok Team Up to Give Ad Credits to Merchants

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce teamed up with TikTok on an initiative to entice advertisers to the video creation platform with ad credits. Qualified merchants of all sizes in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. that spend $300 on ads will receive $1,000 in advertising credits from TikTok and BigCommerce. BigCommerce said merchants can access the…

Quick Tips for Learning Marketing Techniques 2021

You may have already decided that you want to start your own ecommerce business, but are wondering “how do I learn about marketing” and “how can I convert visitors to sales”. These are the questions you must ask yourself before you start. There are many ways you can learn about marketing online without ever having […]

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Halo Infinite’s Marketing Builds on Its Legacy of Iconic Ads

In 2006, Xbox and agency partner McCann created a campaign that was not only one of the best in video game history, but also in advertising history. “Believe,” the intricately crafted, surprisingly emotional launch campaign for Halo 3, set a new bar for the role marketing could play in a game’s worldbuilding–and its strength lay…

Pepsi Launches ‘Dig In Day’ to Support Black-Owned Eateries

For Black-owned businesses, the pandemic was only the latest obstacle in a line of professional and personal challenges. Systemic barriers have long created larger, more sustained issues that impede success. With a new initiative, PepsiCo is committing to help combat the economic struggles Black-owned restaurants face. PepsiCo built the Dig In platform last fall to…

How to Create Your Marketing Plan for 2022

Having a carefully created marketing plan significantly increases the likelihood of meeting goals and avoiding overspending. Here are some actionable steps to take when making your marketing team’s goals for 2022.  Know Where You Stand The first necessary step involves assessing where your company and its marketing efforts are now compared to the ideal situation. […]

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John Lewis’ Christmas Ad Returns to ‘Joyful Escapism’

John Lewis’ Christmas ad has long been a key moment in the British holiday calendar, but amid the turmoil of Covid-19 and the supply chain crisis, its latest installment is an attempt to return to the joy of earlier seasons. The British retailer’s highly anticipated Christmas campaign, released on Thursday, is a story of escapism….