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Don’t sell what you sell

Don’t sell what you sell was also published by the The Manila Times on 2 August 2023. Advertising oneself is fine. In a motivational talk, Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Terminator” in movieland and former California, USA Governor in politics) said: “Work like hell and advertise.” After having put in the work, it is fair to tell the… Read More »

Leni, of course

Leni, of course was also published by The Manila Times on 4 May 2022. Past behavior predicts future behavior. That’s a recruitment guide. Human resource managers have been using it for around half a century now. It is based on the idea that behavioral dimensions, in addition to “paper and pencil qualifications” (eg educational merit),… Read More »

The Presidential Choices 2022

The Presidential Choices 2022 – first published by The Manila Times on 13 & 20 October 2021. – admin THE door for the filing of certificates of candidacy is half shut. We now know, more or less, who the contenders are. “The contenders,” instead of “The choices,” would have been perhaps a better heading for… Read More »