Planned Parenthood-trained instructor: sex-ed programs sexualize children

By | July 10, 2021

“These programs are actually created to teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active,” she said. Among other concerns, she added, they didn’t include abstinence “at all.” 
“These programs are about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion,” she cautioned. Today, she warned, “comprehensive sexuality education is all about grooming children” and is wielded as a “marketing tool to lead to abortion.”
Cline was mentored by Planned Parenthood’s director of sex education in Austin. One of the first things that she learned was how to treat children, as 10 years old.
“You need to see them and realize that they are sexually active, and if they haven’t, they will be,” her mentor told her. “It’s our job as sex educators to teach them about all forms of sexuality to ensure that they’re reducing their risk.”
“Their philosophy and their belief about our children is highly sexualized,” Cline stressed. “They believe that abstinence is laughable. They see parents as a barrier to service.”
While Cline agreed that abortion is the breakdown of the family, she emphasized that “it all begins with sex education.”