A slap in the face

This article “A slap in the face” was also published by The Manila Times on 6 June 2022. For fun (to spectators) and money (for competitors) there is a sports competition in Russia called “Slap Championships,” and another one in Arizona, USA, called “Rage in The Cage Face Slapping Championships.” Competitors stand across each other… Read More »


Climate Change and Transitions

Climate Change and Transitions, titled “Transitions,” was also published by The Manila Times on 29 June 2022. Tomorrow the national government and many local governments will transition to possibly new ways of conducting public affairs. A fresh mandate from the electorate is known to more than inspire those who are tasked to govern. Unfortunately, however,… Read More »


Blood of Arsenio Balisacan

Blood of Arsenio Balisacan (Arsenio’s blood) was also published by The Manila Times on 8 June 2022. When I read from media reports that quoted incoming Economic Secretary Arsenio Balisacan about not having politics in his blood, I felt tempted to ask what is it in politics that some people would wish not to be… Read More »


Pagpag Circular Economy

Pagpag circular economy was also published by The Manila Times on 18 May 2022. Left alone, nature cleanses itself. But when humans come in, supposedly the most intelligent among the living species, nature deteriorates. It becomes a wasteland. It rots. And yet we humans are not only part of nature. We ought to be masters… Read More »


Leni, of course

Leni, of course was also published by The Manila Times on 4 May 2022. Past behavior predicts future behavior. That’s a recruitment guide. Human resource managers have been using it for around half a century now. It is based on the idea that behavioral dimensions, in addition to “paper and pencil qualifications” (eg educational merit),… Read More »


Net Zero

Net Zero was also published by The Manila Times on 27 April 2022. Last month Pagasa declared the start of the dry season. Within the next few days, the fight for political power through an electoral process is expected to intensify. Both refer to a phenomenon that is associated with generation of heat–one scorches the… Read More »


Click here to know more

Click here (First of a two-part article) was also published by The Manila Times on 9 February 2022. When I saw an image of a nice-looking woman on social media whose hands covered her half-exposed breasts, I instantly clicked it, expecting that she could be flaunting more. True enough, the click dutifully bared before my… Read More »