Little Rock bishop limits Traditional Latin Mass to two parishes administered by FSSP and says Latin Mass may not take place in “regular parish churches”

By | July 17, 2021

Since the document’s release, other bishops have said that they will either do nothing and leave the Latin Mass schedule as-is in their dioceses, or that they will make a decision about what to do in response to the apostolic letter after prayerful reflection and study. 
For Taylor’s part, he explained that the FSSP “accepts the validity and legitimacy of the liturgical reform of Vatican II,” and thus will be permitted to continue offering the Latin Mass in the diocese. The FSSP administers the personal parishes of St. John the Baptist in Cabot and Our Lady of Sorrows in Springdale.
However, the three other diocesan parishes where the Latin Mass was regularly celebrated—Holy Redeemer Church in El Dorado, St. Michael Church in Cherokee Village, and St. Peter the Fisherman Church in Mountain Home—will no longer be allowed to publicly celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, Taylor said. 
Previously, Latin Mass was available in four of the diocese’s eight deaneries; this move means it is now available in just two. St. John the Baptist and Our Lady of Sorrows, the two FSSP parishes, are a three-hour drive from each other, according to Google Maps. 
Other parishes will not be designated for the Latin Mass, Taylor said, noting that the new document cautions him “not to establish any additional personal parishes for the celebration of the Latin Mass going forward.” 
Taylor explained that non-FSSP priests would be permitted to celebrate the Latin Mass in private, and that per Traditionis custodes, they must request permission from the bishop to do so.