Chesterton society will feature Babylon Bee CEO at 40th annual conference 

By | July 15, 2021

Chesterton, born in 1874, was a British journalist and author who converted to the Catholic faith from Anglicanism and was received into the Church in 1922. He was known as a prominent Catholic apologist who authored works including “Orthodoxy” and “The Everlasting Man,” as well as numerous essays and the fictional “Father Brown” detective series. He died in 1936.
Ahlquist told CNA that the Chesterton society began as a literary group that promoted the late British author’s writing. It later developed into a Catholic lay apostolate for evangelization and education. 
“He [Chesterton] does represent a model of lay Catholic spirituality,” Ahlquist said. “He’s someone who lived in the secular world, and yet he evangelized, defended the faith, promoted a Catholic view of the world. And he did it with great joy, and a prophetic wit.” 
Ahlquist said the group’s annual conference is a source of education and fellowship. 
Although Chesterton died in 1936, Ahlquist said, his writings are “timely” in the modern world.
“The reason he’s timely is he understands what has gone wrong with our society,” Ahlquist said. “The attacks on the family, the attacks on the normal, Chesterton saw all these things coming and he really provides a lot of wisdom and insight on how to defend what’s good, what’s true, and what’s beautiful.”