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Adregnum – ad regnum. All things that lead to the way of the Lord must be raised up for all the world to see. All peoples be assured that Jesus reigns.

Adregnum means “to the reign” where Deo Regnat, or God reigns. Posts in this category encourage readers to discover the way of the Lord. It celebrates all things that bring out positive, good-feel, thoughts. It celebrates life.

It questions and condemns all works related to the commerce of man when they hurt, threaten, or end life, especially human life.

It tries to find the good in despised creatures, and most especially in people that are hard to go along with. It can raise a voice of dissent and disagree with dominant worldviews when they are perceived as rationalizing any notion of social inequity under whatever circumstances.

In methods that facilitate stakeholder participation and consensus, it explores ideas that aim to liberate the poor. It examines social structures and the law that binds them. It proposes solutions where there is sufficient basis for an issue to be addressed, including unbinding the law if necessary, through peaceful means.

Content under this category affirms the truth that in the end, regardless of how the world goes, good will triumph over evil, and that God reigns over all things, living and non-living. Jesus is Lord and King–past, present, and future. Jesus is Lord and King–here, there, and everywhere.

No force on earth shall be able to silence ad regnum voices when things get in the way of the Lord.

The power of @, 2

The power of @ (Second of a series) was also published by The Manila Times on 30 August 2023. Given the growing pile of dirt and decay that society wallows in—the metastasis against which Noli Me Tangere has warned us long time ago—people with reputation for courage and invincibility in the mold of @Achilles may… Read More »

Don’t sell what you sell

Don’t sell what you sell was also published by the The Manila Times on 2 August 2023. Advertising oneself is fine. In a motivational talk, Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Terminator” in movieland and former California, USA Governor in politics) said: “Work like hell and advertise.” After having put in the work, it is fair to tell the… Read More »

Privatizing the state armed forces

Privatizing the state armed forces was also published by the Manila Times on 5 July 2023. The one-day Wagner mutiny that embarrassed Russia President Vladimir Putin and attracted kibitzers from around the world has brought to the open what used to be closed-door discussions on the potential risks and returns of privatizing state armed forces.… Read More »

Philippine Congress, Content Creator 

Philippine Congress, content creator  was also published by The Manila Times on 24 May 2023. The late Senate President Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel, Jr. once proposed the “three C’s”—short for Competence, Courage, Character—as criteria for electing people’s representatives in government. But that proposal hardly resonates. Voters, election results show, must have their own preferences. A look… Read More »