Voices of Breast Cancer Survivors: Looking Back, Offering Advice

By | October 5, 2021

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Mayo Clinic: “Paget’s Disease of the Breast.”
Ashley Brown, 32, regulatory affairs specialist for a pharmaceutical company, Camden, DE. 
Nancy Allen, 71, executive director, We Spark Cancer Support Center, Sherman Oaks, CA. 
Ellen Brown, 63, retired human resources executive, Los Angeles. 
Gayle Whittemore, 60, CFO of a children’s nonprofit, Studio City, CA. 
Deborah DeKoff, 60, professional photographer and educator, Park City, UT. 
Maria McLeod, 58, journalism professor and author, Bellingham, WA. 
Esmeralda Guzman, 48, business owner, Beloit, WI. 
Elizabeth Poston, 42, book author and senior director of business development, Charlotte, NC. 
Robin Sprance, 40, creative freelance worker, Queens, NY. 

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