In Memoriam: Hamlet Batista Has Passed Away

By | January 28, 2021

We have just learned the heart-wrenching and shocking news of the passing of Hamlet Batista.Batista was the CEO and founder of RankSense.
He has been a VIP Contributor here on Search Engine Journal since 2019 and was also published on many other publications, including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Entrepreneur.
He has also spoken at many industry conferences over the past few years, including Pubcon, SMX, and SEJ eSummit.
William Galán shared the news on Twitter just a few hours ago about the passing of his boss.

My boss, a great man, a teacher, a great coder, a father and a entrepreneur, rest in peace @hamletbatista may god bless your soul and your family
— William Galán (@WilliamGalanS) January 27, 2021

Batista was known for being an expert in Python, automation and SEO, an innovator, and a teacher.
But above all else, he was a husband, who just celebrated 21 years of marriage, and a father.

We will continue to add to this story as more details become available.
Reaction from the Search Industry
Our community was shocked and saddened upon learning about Batista’s passing.
Generous. Smart. Nice. Beloved. Humble. A giant.
These are just a few of the words used by the SEO community to describe Hamlet on Twitter, after learning of his passing.

Mi hermano. I prayed all day and night for 20 days but I guess it wasn’t enough. There is nothing short and sweet that I can say, because I could write entire books about you. I love you more than anything @hamletbatista. I will never forget you as long as I live.
— Lily Ray 😏 (@lilyraynyc) January 28, 2021

Today is one of saddest day for our industry.@hamletbatista left us. He was a strong good person, who I was lucky enough to know IRL.My thought cannot but go to his family and his dearest friends.Nos veremos para hablar de Python juntos a los angeles .
— Gianluca Fiorelli wears a 😷. Be like Gianluca (@gfiorelli1) January 28, 2021

Truly one of the nicest and most sincere people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. And one of those SEO guys so smart you always left with a bit of a headache from trying to keep up. So sad… RIP
— GregBoser (@GregBoser) January 28, 2021

This is devastating news. Kind, thoughtful, wonderful mind, innovative, disruptive genius. A favourite SEO. RIP
— Dawn Anderson (@dawnieando) January 28, 2021

We will miss you @hamletbatista … thank you so much for you ever present generosity, kindness, and constant encouragement.
— Jake Bohall (@jakebohall) January 28, 2021

Crushed by the news of @hamletbatista’s passing. The world lost an incredible human today who will be missed very much.
— Jesse McDonald (@jesseseogeek) January 28, 2021

😢 I’m so lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with @hamletbatista. He did so much to elevate others and the SEO industry.
— Danielle (@d4ni_s) January 28, 2021

I’m so sad to hear this news. Hamlet was so kind, smart and generous. In person, he glowed.My deepest condolences to you, his family and those who knew him best.
— Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin) January 28, 2021

Awful news. Hamlet was always so kind to us, and contributed such wonderful work to the field. Please, if you have details to share about a memorial or charities he’d want to see supported, do let us know.
— Rand Fishkin (@randfish) January 28, 2021

I really don’t know what to say right now. @hamletbatista did so much for the SEO and Digital Marketing industry. Had the pleasure of meeting him at #TechSEOBoost. Such a genuine, smart, and giving soul. He will be incredibly missed. Much love to his family. ♥️
— Matt Nguyen (@NugeKnows) January 28, 2021

He was generosity personified and the type of person that made you feel proud to work in the SEO industry.Will miss him :*(
— Lucas Ng (@lucasng) January 28, 2021

What an honor I had to hang out with @hamletbatista at several industry events. Treated me like he knew me for years even though we only spoke a few times. I still remember how he blew my mind at the Bing launch party—he was always several moves ahead of the industry. RIP dude.
— Jason Murphy (@MurphyJason) January 28, 2021

Shocked and heartbroken by the tragic loss of one of #SEO ‘s greatest experts & people @hamletbatista I’m in tears as I write this💔 he has been, still is, such an inspiration & source of encouragement for me. Decades in the business, always humble😢 RIP
— Orit Mutznik🐍💔 (@OritSiMu) January 28, 2021

Sad day for the SEO community. RIP @hamletbatistaHe was extremely kind. We first met at a conference and he helped me through a problem I was working on. Even though he barely knew me, he went out of his way months later to send an email to ask how it went.
— Andrew Coco SEO (@AyyyCoco) January 28, 2021

😔 Since meeting @hamletbatista in the early WMW days, I’d been impressed by his generousity & genuine interest in helping me. We recently talked Python, and I admired his commitment to sharing that with our industry. My thoughts are with you and his family, @WilliamGalanS 🙏
— Eric Lander (@ericlanderseo) January 28, 2021

Well now that everyone is learning of it, I can say something. Hamlet. Oh, Hamlet – good, caring, giving Hamlet. This pandemic is very bad. And unfortunately, our community is not immune. You were a shining star on earth. And now your time has come to go back to the heavens.
— Alan Bleiweiss | Recently Freed Member of ANTIFA (@AlanBleiweiss) January 28, 2021

The world lost a wonderful man today. One who carried a smile as easily as he did a kind word. Hamlet was always a friendly face I looked for at industry events. He was so kind and giving of his genius. Prayers and love to his family and friends.
— Stephan Bajaio (@stephanbajaio) January 28, 2021

I’m absolutely distraught at the loss of @hamletbatista. He was truly a gift to our industry and everyone that knew him. One of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Very few have contributed as much as he had to our industry. RIP brother!
— John McAlpin (@seocounseling) January 28, 2021

In 2018, I spoke at TechSEOBoost in Boston. The night before the conference, we had a get together with just the speakers.
I remember walking to the bar to get a drink. Next to me stood a guy, already a drink in his hand, who started talking to me about entities.
— Kevin_Indig (@Kevin_Indig) January 28, 2021