Is a Jam Company For Sale

By | December 29, 2020

Who doesn’t love a jam made from fresh farm fruit? Especially if that jam trolls a movie company that forgot to buy the URL to one of its most anticipated sequels.

In an inspired stunt, a jam company bought the URL—and they plan to sell it to Warner Brothers in anticipation of the marketing of its 2021 Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James. The video promoting that URL, and also a farm-fresh berry jam, is deadpan gold.

It starts with an older farm couple walking through their berry orchards, picking fruit for a jam that they say “makes every meal feel like a crisp Sunday afternoon in the country.”

Oh, and you can also buy their website, The spot wavers back and forth between descriptions of the Space Jam Recipe #2 and ribbing of WB for not securing the website, which the folksy farmers are peddling for just $1 million (or reasonable offer), which “could be what you really need for your jam and/or movie business to thrive.”

The campaign is the brainchild of ex-Wieden + Kennedy and BBDO ad guys, creative Hunter Fine and commercial director Peter Marquis. The two saw an opportunity when they found that was available. Then they started a jam company with the hope that the URL would be bought by the film company. The jam is actually for sale on the website, where you can also add the URL to your cart.

As an incentive, the creatives have vowed to share profits of this sale with a charity of the purchaser’s choosing. 

Fine said: “Wow—Warner Bros. must be so bummed to have missed out on this primetime URL that we bought for our Space Jam 2 spread. As humble jam makers, we feel bad. That’s why we’re offering them the PR opportunity of a lifetime for the completely realistic price tag of $1 million. You’d have to really hate charity and jam to not take this offer.”

The team implores any would-be buyers to contact them and make an offer at

Kyle O’Brien is a freelance writer based in Jim Thorpe, Pa.