Jomari Angeles earns lead role in new BL movie ‘Limited Edition’

Indie actor Jomari Angeles is very happy and excited to play the lead role in the BL movie “Limited Edition” produced by Bragais TV under the direction of Jill Singson Urdaneta.

“It’s my first time to play lead in a project and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. This is a dream come true,” said Jomari who had long been doing supporting roles, especially in the indie scene.

He auditioned for the role of Mario, the introvert guy in the BL movie, and was told the same night that he got the part.

Prior to doing Limited Edition, he did a cameo role in the Carlo Obispo BL film “Better Days” and was in the second season of “Ben x Jim” film directed by Easy Ferrer.

“It is challenging to play a guy who falls in love with another guy but I welcome the challenge. This is one role that I’ve wanted to portray especially after I saw the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name,'” said Jomari.

He describes his character Mario, an introvert guy who is innocent about love. He fell in love at first sight of Jethro (played by Andrew Gan) but because of the situations and decisions that he made caused conflict.

Jomari says he can relate to the situation and experience of Mario since he is also an introvert in real life.

“Many don’t believe that I am an introvert but once you get to meet me in person, I am really quiet and reserved,” he shared.

“I was challenged by role because I need to show that I am really in love with Jethro. As an actor, I always try to be truthful in every scene that I do.”

This is the also first time that Jomari and Andrew worked together on a film and they didn’t have enough time to bond together. But he appreciated Andrew’s gesture and the trust he gave the production team that he will be taken cared of.

Jomari added that he is willing to do another BL movie even if it has a daring story and he has to portray a daring role as long as he believes in the story and the production team.

He was in the Brillante Mendoza film “Ma’ Rosa” where he played the youngest son of Jaclyn Jose and Julio Diaz. He also played the best friend of Christian Bables in Chito Rono’s “Signal Rock.”

His performance as the young Eddie Garcia in the Dan Villegas film “Hintayan ng Langit” won for him the best supporting award at the Urduja Film Festival.

Jomari is also part of the post team of Limited Edition as Associate Producer, with co-star Donna Cariaga as Creative Producer.

While he has yet to land a juicy role in a teleserye, the indie actor is hopeful that if Limited Edition becomes a major success, the universe will finally make things happen and grant him that opportunity.

Limited Edition streams at the Bragais TV Channel on You Tube every Saturday at 8 p.m.


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But the production have yet to name the actress who will play Valentina, the nemesis of Darna.

The role of Valentina is equally important as Darna. The battle of the two adds spice to the story.

Among the stars who played Valentina in the past were Celia Rodriguez, Pilar Pilapil, and Pilita Corrales.

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